Original Marino Chanlatte Modern Still Life of Colors Acrylic on Canvas Painting. Signed Marino Chanlatte, dated 2007. Excellent condition, beautifully framed. Measures 14 X 18 inches sight. A Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist is included with the artwork. Marino ChanlatteMemories and dreams of the sea, the sun and sunflowers, tropical forests and brilliant blue skies are the models and inspiration for Marino Chanlatte, who grew up on the Dominican Republic, in the Island of Santo Domingo. His paintings depict remembrances of his childhood and landscapes from his walks throughout the Caribbean and Central America. He paints with a palette of pure colors: indigo, blue, red, orange, yellow, green and purple, representing water, sky, sun , fire sunsets, flowers and trees, all elements of nature mixed by the artist’s brush. In the midst of this feast of colors, forms, and matter, interpreted in a personal way, Chanlatte follows no rules of nature or the academy. Sometimes he uses thin impastos, other times he scrapes the paint on the canvas, discovering new textures, but always searching for new expression. His abstract works feature the decomposition of landscapes, sunsets, oceans, sky and forests represented with light and energy, movement of colors, shapes and texture with harmony and creativity. His work has been shown in exhibitions in New York, Miami, Belgium, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Mexico and South America.   $395

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